Resolution Undiscovered Beauty 1: Worry Less

Image: Jon Tyson I am that person that is always worrying and always thinking of the next step and this leads me to start worrying. This year however I have made a resolution not to worry about things I cannot change. Instead, I want to focus on what I can change and make changes... Continue Reading →


New Series Alert

Image: Hope House Press I am starting a new series titled resolution and it will be tacking different issues, these will be things that I have implemented and I have made up my mind to do. With the start of a new year comes resolutions and most people will make plans to change certain... Continue Reading →

Hello 2018!

Hello and welcome to 2018 I am so excited and ready to go. 2017 flew by so quickly, I remember writing a post at the beginning of the year last year and it's already over! This year is going to be amazing. I have a lot of plans and I cannot wait for what’s coming.... Continue Reading →


If you have not check out the first part to this blog post, please scroll back to yesterday and have a look to cover the basics. Here are the other tips:   • Poise: sit upright and walk tall One thing that gives the impression of lack of confidence is always slouching and walking with... Continue Reading →


Before I start I would like to say, I am not the most confident person alive but this is what I have done and continue to do to be more confident. Other words used to describe confidence are sureness, self-awareness, poise, assurance, and certainty. Confidence is something that is on the inside and something that... Continue Reading →


I am a huge organizer, I love it when my day is going smoothly and I have everything in place. There are so many different ways of staying organized and one can personalize their way of being organized to a way that suits them. Primarily, find out what works for you and this may require... Continue Reading →

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