Walking to boost your confidence- 5 Benefits of walking

When talking about confidence there are things that you have to be pro active about to better your confidence. From my last confidence post I talked about God being the source of you confidence and it still has not changed. There is only so much God can do for you some things you have to work on your own.

Now some of you maybe thinking walking really, yes really. For some people it can be going to the gym, Zumba classes, yoga or anything else. For me I have found that walking works best for me right now and it costs me nothing which is amazing.

Fun fact: it is actually proven that walking is better than running.

Since I started walking my confidence levels have greatly increased and l feel better. From my last post I mentioned feelings fluctuating and this is my one way of mastering my feelings. Here are the benefits I have experienced so far;

◦ Improves digestion

I used to get bloated so frequently and most of you may know the feeling, it sucks. My metabolism is so much faster and I do not even remember the last time I was bloated. Honestly speaking I love food and when I would eat even a little I would be bloated. But now I can eat like a normal person and not feel like crap.

◦ Aids in weight loss/ maintains weight

In October I felt like crap I did not like the way my body looked. I thought my weight was ok, I was not over weight but I still wanted to loose a few kilos. My mid section has always been a concern, I have always wanted to have flat tummy. Since I started walking I have shed some weight and I look so much better. My tummy is so much flatter which is what I always wanted. Now I am still walking but now it’s to maintain my current weight it’s build muscle. If you are looking to shed weight or maintain it, this can be the thing for you.

◦ Uplifts mood

I struggle with mood swings and this has helped me greatly. My hormones have stabilized and I cannot be more happier. I love the fresh air in the morning and I am happier in nature.

◦ Increases productivity

During my walk I have plenty of time to think about my plans for the day and in general my brain functions better. I wake up super early and this helps me get a head start before everyone wakes up.

◦ Prayer time

This is one of the most important thing for me. There are little to no cars meaning less noise it’s just so peaceful and when I go at almost six the birds are still singing it’s beautiful. I go with no phone and so I have no distraction and I can fully fellowship with God. With time I now even look forward to my walks at first it was a pain but I feel so much better afterwards.

I have so many more benefits but these are the most important that I wanted to share. What do you guys do mantain , loose weight and to boost your confidence let’s continue the conversation down below. Thank you for reading, till next time bye ………


How I achieve my perfect Afro

To all my natural sisters you know how important it is to get that perfect Afro. It’s a pride thing when you have mastered your hair and you can rock your perfect Afro. Here is how I achieved my Afro and this is the best it has come out so far, I am still experimenting with other ways of styling which I will share with time. So let’s get started….

◦ Clean and fresh canvas

Obviously your hair has to be clean because it’s very easy to see flakes in an Afro. Shampoo and condition to make sure your hair is clean and easy to detangle when you are combing it.

◦ Stretch your hair: [optional]

To do this I do mabhanzi [African threading]. I am trying not to use heat as much as I can so this works out perfectly for me. If you use heat then this step use a hair drier or blower.

◦ Ensure ends are nice and trimmed

With an Afro because your ends are visible it is easy to spot split ends or browning ends. The worst thing is when you comb your Afro out and it’s gets chunky at the ends. When hair is trimmed it makes it easier to run your comb through your hair and makes a better Afro.

◦ Moisturize hair

I cannot emphasize this enough your hair has to be moisturized and oiled. I do this when I am doing mabhanzi [african threading]. I do two lines and three sections each side. Since I will be having smaller sections I massage my scalp then I put hairfood or coconut oil at the ends [ a generous amount because my hair is so dry]. After this I will use head wraps for a couple of days, I personally don’t mind.

◦ I then undo my mabhanzi sections and I comb as I go. I then proceed to do Bantu knots and depending with how big I want the hair to be I do bigger knots. In these pictures I did eight and I still loved the way it came out. If you want you can skip this step but it gives me great volume. With the Bantu knots since your hair is straight use a little amount of a moose or conditioner to help mold the hair. Please wrap hair with a thick head wrap so that it’s easier to sleep.

◦ Now for the fun part: undo Bantu knots. I do this the very next day. I just comb the out I am not trying to keep the curls at all. I then open a side part as it’s my preference. I then comb and tweak here and there until I get it to how I want it.

This is the one I have mastered and it works all the time. Please try it out and share with me how it came out. As always thank you for reading, till next time.

Where does your confidence come from?

I thought I would start this post by defining what is confidence from the worlds perspective and from what we already know.

From the Cambridge dictionary it means:

◦ The quality of being certain of your abilities or of having trust in people, plans, or the future.

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

◦ A feeling or consciousness of ones’ powers or of reliance on ones’ circumstances.

Out of these two I like the second one better. From what I can tell it’s a feeling, that’s basically it. Now there is nothing wrong with feelings but as we all know feelings are not consistent. One moment you may feel the most confident and a couple of seconds later you feel like crap maybe because of a small comment someone made.

One cannot rely on their feelings to guide them in anything. An example I can give; last year when I started walking [for fitness purposes] I felt great and I was so happy with the progress I was making. After a while I lost all the fat and muscle was starting to form especially on my thigh and butt area. One morning on the way to the bus one of my friends said to me; “wow you look plump”. She did not in any way say it to hurt my feelings but that really hit hard. I had been working out and I was happy with where I was. Plump does not mean anything bad but I took it like I was adding on a few kilos. That morning I was feeling great, I loved my outfit only to have a little comment putting me down.

Feelings whether you have mastered them or not will make you feel like crap. They change like the weather which sucks. Some have mastered their feelings but I have not and things get to me sometimes.

After all this writing the bottom line is that your confidence must never be based on how you feel or look. I am also thinking to myself what about on those days when my makeup is on point and I am dolled up am I not supposed to be confident? I personally think it can boost the confidence you already have but must not be the basis of your confidence. Who or what must your confidence be based on?

Psalm 71:5 For You are my hope; O Lord God, You are my trust from my youth and the source of my confidence.

Simple and straight to the point, your confidence must be in God. Why?

Hebrews 13:5 Let your character or moral disposition be free from love of money [including greed, avarice, lust, and craving for earthly possessions] and be satisfied with your present [circumstances and with what you have]; for He [God] Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. [I will] not, [I will] not, [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let [you] down (relax My hold on you)! [Assuredly not!] [Josh. 1:5.]

God will never fail you in any way, He can do all things. When your confidence is in a person chances of that person failing or disappointing you are very high. Because we are human we are bound to fail.

When your confidence is based on who God has made you, you are guaranteed it will not change because He does not change.

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ (the Messiah) is [always] the same, yesterday, today, [yes] and forever (to the ages).

If He never changes and He is the source of your confidence then that means your confidence is sure. It will not fluctuate like the body or our feelings. Study the word to see who He has made you to be, you are precious to him.

Zechariah 2:8 For thus said the Lord of hosts, after [His] glory had sent me [His messenger] to the nations who plundered you–for he who touches you touches the apple or pupil of His eye:

This gets me all kinds of excited. The pupils are a vital part of the eye without it you cannot see. You are that important to Him. He could have said legs or arms I mean every part of the body has its function and is important but He chose the pupil. Your confidence must be in God who has placed so much value on and in you but not only you but other people as well.

I would encourage you to search the scriptures for such verses that help you see who you have been made to be. Walk confidently knowing exactly who the source of your confidence is. That’s it for this post thank you so much for stopping buy. Let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments . Till next time …….

Back with another monochromatic look.

Welcome back everyone, thank you again for stopping by. Today I am keeping short so without wasting time let’s get started.

The hat is from Cb I wore it in my last monochromatic look and I decided to bring it back again. It is made from a somewhat suede material which would be suitable for fall and winter but I am rocking it anyway. To be honest this look did not turn out the way I envisioned it but I decided to put it up irregardless.

The t-shirt is my own merchandise titled Pace Setter. If you want one hit me up in the comments, send me an email or DM me on lnstagram and I will get back to you ASAP. This one is in a size medium and next I am either going to go a size smaller or bigger for a different look.

The pants are New Feeling and you can them pretty much get them anywhere. I bought these in a US size 30 and the waist and thigh area fit perfectly but they run a little too long and they do not hug the rest on my legs which was a bit annoying so I had them fixed a bit. They are better but not where I want them to be but I love them anyway.

My shoes are from Jet, they are simple white tennis shoes which are a staple if you ask me . They are comfortable and of cause the get dirty fast but it’s all good. Thanks again for reading see you next time…..

Blog update

About a week or so ago my blog turned three and I cannot believe how time has flown by so quickly. When I started my blog it was all about fashion at that time that was my major love and that has not changed but I want to post more on things that will help women grow not only in their style but inward as well.

Like in life everything continues to evolve, if not then something is wrong. When I started blogging I thought I had the whole picture of what I wanted to write about and the direction that I wanted it to go but that has changed.

I believe my purpose is to empower other women so in this spirit what better way than to start doing that now. Not to say that I was not doing that but I was not as intentional about it.

With these posts l am going to try my absolute best to be vulnerable because I know in the area of confidence especially, a lot of women are struggling. Social media has only fueled this but l think social media is not the problem but that women are not equipped to be and feel confident.

I am super excited to finally be doing this and I hope you are too. This has been a long time coming and now is the perfect time. I cannot be more excited, this is going to be life changing and a journey that will take me places beyond that I dare to even think or imagine. So yeah Queens till next time……

Seasonal friendships

I am that person who loves to hang on to friends and I never want to lose one for any reason as some of you may also be like. As I continue to grow I have begun to realize that some friendships are not meant for a lifetime.

It is not everyone that is fortunate enough to still have friends they had in middle school or high school. I do know people that have kept in contact and hang out since high school. I used to think that there was something wrong with me but it does happen. I used to be consumed with the quantity of friends that I have and not the quality of friends. It is easy to have many many “friendships ” with people who talk behind your back or are fake. Real friends are rare and when you get them keep them.

I held on to relationships where I am just the one texting and always seeking the other person without that effort being reciprocated. It is not an easy thing to just let things go because maybe you have been friends with someone for a long time and you thought it was a friendship for a life time. It may have been for a short time but was of great quality and importance to you but if it’s time you have to let some things go.

As I write this it is easier to say or write it than to actually go right ahead and do it. It is a hard thing to do and it may hurt but with time you will get over it and get new friends not to replace them because that’s not possible but rather different. The different friends will be there to serve a different need to you and the same for them from you.

What do I then do because it’s not easy to just drop a friendship. I would say cherish the times you had and leave it at that, if in the future you become friends again then that will be great. I just realized this that as I write this it sounds like a relationship, like dating someone lol, so I guess it is similar.

If it’s not working just drop it and you will be surprised what God will bring your way. Holding on will consume energy you can be using for something else.

My prayer for myself and for you guys is that we find Godly friendships with women who not only love God but are true Christians. Women who are supportive and we are able to just sit and talk about nothing and at the same time be each other’s keepers, supporters, fun buddies etc.

Tell me below how your friendships are like, have you had to drop some friends along the way? I need to know. Till next time…..

Waiting for perfect

I am that person that wants things to be in order before I can progress and do what I know I am meant to doing.

It is very easy to always wait until things are perfect and you have things in order but that will keep you from advancing in life. I have always waited for this and that and before I know it time has flown by. This always makes me feel inadequate and make me feel like I am stagnant in life.

When you look at these pictures from the background you can tell that it is not the most beautiful but I knew I could not wait for perfect.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that perfection is hard to attain. This is coming from someone who is somewhat of a perfectionist [when I want to be]. Having tried this and I am pretty sure many of you have as well I have come to the conclusion that I have to work with what I have. One of my favorites verses goes like this:

Philippians 4:7 And God’s peace [shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

I love this verse because it always reminds me that I have to be content with what I have been given. Rather than want more l have to be faithful with what I have now. There is no way I will get more except if I use wisely what I have.

In my pictures I did not have the best of backgrounds but I had to keep shooting and working with what I have. Instead of focusing on what I do not have I maximize what I do have. I do know for a fact that there is someone who would do pretty much any thing to have the life that I have so I have to appreciate what I have.

You may have little makeup, clothes etc but use that which you have been given. It sounds easy but when you are faithful with little more will be given. But the more you have the more that is expected from you. Do not let your focus be on getting more when you are not ready to give more.

Make it a point to work with what you have now. Do not put up a dream or goal because you are lacking something. I want to make progress rather than focus on perfection and I hope that is your prayer too.

What do you guys do when you are not where you want to be? Please let me know below. Thank you for reading till next time….