Hie my loves, I know it has been a while since I have posted any fashion related blog posts but l am back now. You can expect at least one fashion post every Monday, an inspiration one on Thursady and maybe a surprise one any day during the week.

I really love this look, l did not put much effort into it but the look looks so put together. .


l really love this olive throw or cardigan and you will not believe it but I got it from a thrift market for far less than it actually costs. I love that it has two different textures which is quit different. You can also wear this on a cold day with jeans and t-shirt and you will be just fine.


The detail at the back is so beautiful and I love it because l do not own anything like this. You can pretty much wear this with jeans or dress it up with a body con dress on a cold day.


The dress is from Mr Price and the material is really thick and warm. I have had this dress for a while and it looks like it is still intact. The dress feels expensive and is of great quality but it was so affordable.


The cut out at the back is not what I normally go for but when I tried it on I fell in love with it. I mentioned earlier that the material is thick but I think you can get away with wearing it in summer maybe on a night out with a leather jacket to accessorize it.


The shoes are from Jet, l got them a couple of years back and they go with almost every outfit which l love.

In my next post this week I will give details on all the products I used to achieve this make-up look. All the products are really affordable so be on the look out for the next post. I hope you were inspired by this post and you will make it your own with what you have in whatever color.

Have an amazing week and continue to be your own kind of beautiful. 







Yes, I said it, do not stick your nose into where it does not belong. I am writing this for myself as well as for you, this is something I have intentionally set on my heart to remind myself when I find myself going astray.

2 Thessalonians  3:11 NLT  

Yet we hear that some among you walk in idleness,  not busy at work, but meddling in other people’s business

At times, I find myself wanting to know what is going on in everyone’s life yet it has nothing to do with me, not even one bit. I have come to the realization that knowing everyone’s business is a lot of work and this requires time which I do not have to be honest. Time is something precious that I cannot get back no matter what I do. There are only twenty-four hours in day which is not much and I cannot afford to waste them. Time spent snooping in people’s business can amount to years or God forbid decades of gossiping and snooping around, which I pray will not be my story or yours.
When I find, myself going astray I ask myself what I will benefit at the end of this conversation and honestly, I sometimes only ask myself after I am done speaking. My prayer is that God sets a guard over my mouth such that I only speak words of encouragement and if I am talking about someone I will have a solution or I will be praying for them.
Being a busy body can also be a result of the company that you keep. Surrounding yourself with people that build you, people that will invest in your dreams and people that will correct you when you are going astray and not go astray with you. As I grow older it has become clear that having one friend of substance is better than having a whole group of friends that are not building you.
When I look at my life I am not where I would have liked to be but because of my actions and the company I kept it has left me here and I know I should have been further in life. However, let me not dwell on things I cannot change I have decided to learn from my mistakes. One thing I like to remind myself is that my future really is in my hands, as cliche as that sounds it is true and what I am doing now will show its fruits soon. If I spend time being a busy body I will have nothing to show for it other than stories of the good old days which is sad really.
I want to invest my time into my studies, family, friends and into my purpose. I have kept a distance from those I know will not help me in life. Maybe after cutting some people out you have a lot of free of time on your hands which can be a bad thing, you can get a hobby and get busy with worthwhile things. Get busy doing productive things, evangelize, and get people to know Christ. There should also be a balance in as much as it is good to be busy also take time to rest, spend time with yourself, with your loved one and get out there and meet new people.

Be intentional about not being a busy body




Recently I have been feeling unmotivated and did not really want to do anything. I had lots of things I wanted to do and life happened but I am back up doing what I love and living life to the fullest. I remember mentioning that at times things do not always go according to plan but I have managed to get back up on the horse. Here I have a few tips that have helped me and might help you when you are feeling down.

o Find the route of the feeling
At times how you feel may be bigger that what you think. Maybe you are constantly surrounded by negative people this will obviously affect your mood or maybe you argued with someone and you thought it was over and yet it is still affecting you. When I intensely argue with someone especially someone I care about it really drags me down and I find myself in a bad space. Find the source and deal with it in the best way you can. If it is something that cannot be dealt with easily then read the next point.

o Tell God about it
God is our friend and He knows more about us and He knows the problem. Talk to Him and bare your soul to Him. Pour your heart out and tell Him exactly how you are feeling. Remember God made you and He knows all about you and He knows how to make you feel better. God will also give you a solution and next time you will know what to do or rather where to start from as the situation may be different. In doing this it must not be you ranting and you are not listening. God will speak to you just be sure to listen He is always speaking to you, you simply to have pay close attention and you will hear from Him. ALWAYS RUN TO HIM, HE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS YOU WILL EVER NEED.

o Listen to a sermon or read the word
This is one of the best ways to get back right in my zone when I am not motivated. When doing this of course find a sermon or chapter that will uplift you. There is just something about the word when preached, the word ministers to you in a way that cannot be explained. There is no way that you can listen the word and still be depressed after.

o Talk to someone
Surround yourself with positive people that are able to uplift you. Call a friend or family member and talk,  you may not to even have talk about what you are going through but a simple conversation will lift you right up. If you have someone you can share your situation with then do that. Make sure it is someone you trust, someone who is Spirit led and able to keep a secret.

o Watch others work
What I do when I do not feel like doing a bit of work I watch a video of other people doing what I want to do and this gets me inspired. For example, if I had set out to clean and I am not feeling up to it I watch a video and for me that never fails. I also watch the end result of what I am supposed to do and this always helps me.


There are many things that one can do but this is what I do, if you have any tips on what you do please leave them down in the comments section and I will be sure to look at them. I hope this will help someone who is feeling down.

Choose to be happy you are too blessed to be sad.



We are in the month of love and some people are excited whilst others are dreading the day. This is a time that is good for business and where they maximize profits. Valentine’s day is celebrated probably at the same level as Easter holidays or might dare say even Christmas. I am always on YouTube and the number of makeup tutorials up already is insane, there are even look books on what to wear. All this is great if you have a date or in a relationship, if you are not it is a completely different story.
To those celebrating Valentine’s day, I hope you have an amazing day and may your day be filled with much joy and celebration. For this blog post I wanted to give some tips to help you get through the day and actually have fun when you are single on this day.

• Go out with friends and family
Instead of whining on why you are single go out with some friends or family, go for lunch or dinner. Surround yourself the people who love you and choose to enjoy the day. I know that some people may not have the money to go out rather make a nice meal for your family. It does not have to be expensive but when a meal is shared with those you love it tastes even better [or to me anyway].

• Have a pamper session at home
If you are into baths, then this will be a good way to spend the night. With this there is no need to buy anything or if you must it is very cheap. You can make you own bath bomb and take a long bath, after this you can do your own manicure at home. Do something you know you will enjoy without stretching yourself thin.

• Buy yourself a gift
Gifts are the number one reason people feel left out and you can avoid this by simply getting one for yourself. You do not need to wait around for someone to buy you a gift when you can do it yourself. There are plenty of options now and you can pretty much get anything. It can be a watch, shoes, chocolates, or anything really.

This does not have to be a day to dread as you can make the most of this day. I mean it is like any other day when you think about it. Be wise also and not spend too much money, think of the rest of the month and other responsibilities coming up. I hope this will help some of you and feel free to leave a comment, leave a tip or suggestions for future blog posts. Thank you so much for taking the time to read I really appreciate it.


I love new beginnings like the start of the new year. I know as the new year started most people set goals and where so excited for the new year and to get things done but somewhere along the lines things did not work out quite well. Work, school, friends, family, and life might have gotten in the way, not to worry February is here and it is another opportunity to get back on track. For the month of February I am so excited for the goals I want to accomplish. Here are some of the things I have already started doing for February.
• Get a planner
I love planners and writing my goals for the day and the good part is that this can either be a digital planner or the normal planner. It does not even have to be expensive but a simple book will do the trick. I sleep with my tablet or phone near me to jot down ideas I may get at night because I get ideas at the mot random of times.

• Write down goals and ideas
It is not enough to just get a planner but you must use it. There is a quote that says, the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory. This is so true because I forget a lot of things that I want to do so I write everything down even the smallest of things. I want to write down my plans for the week and month and I want to keep in mind I do not have to figure out everything, some goals or tasks can be added later.

• Start with the hardest thing
This has helped me immensely, I start with the thing I am dreading the most when I still have the energy in the morning. Some prefer to start with the easiest but for me it is the opposite. After ticking this off I feel like everything else I can finish so easily.

• Do not let tasks to pile up
Having too many things to do can be over whelming and so this month I plan to finish my goals tasks for the day. I am guilty of putting things off until it is convenient for me but from now I want to do things when I set out to do them or even earlier than the set time.
• Seeking assistance and prayer
Obviously, life does not go the way we plan and we need God and people to assist us. I pray that God will lead and direct me and show me what He wants me to do this year. In terms of my blog I want to post topics burning on His heart, I really want there to be a shift in what I post. I will of course post fashion and beauty posts but at least have one post of encouragement a week, that is my goal. It is also important to seek help and advice from others after all I live around people.
• Enjoy the moment
A lot may be happening around me and there is a lot to be done however I want to take time to enjoy and appreciate what I have and the people around me every single day. Things may be tough but I want to take time in a day to be thankful to God for all He has blessed me with.

These are the few things I am doing I thought I could share with you. There are many more things you can do it is all up to you. Do what will help you to be more productive and feel accomplished.


One thing that I have realized and I am sure most of you have realized as well is that things do no always go according to your plans. I am a person that likes to plan and I want things to go a certain way and I have been disappointed many times because that is not the way that it goes. I had heard of adapting to the change around you but it did no register that this was something that I needed to do.
We live with and around people and we do not think or act the same way and this can lead to clashing of some sort. I cannot stress how important it is to be quick to move and work on the next thing. An example is, I like to have my quiet in the morning after I am done with all my chores and I have a bit more time on my hands and I also love having space to pace around or shout if I want to. You can not only imagine that it is not every day that I get to that, there may be visitors or people are home. I cannot ask people to leave the house so I can have my quiet time I mean they will probably just look at me with confused faces. Recently I have learnt to have my quiet time with people around after all it is not the shouting or pacing that gets my prayers answered and God can still hear me praising and worshiping him in my heart. This was just my example and to you it may different, it can be in your workplace, business, or relationships. We must be quick to think of the next step and what to do from that point on wards. Even if you look closely, businesses that adapt to change and are always thinking of the future are the ones that are the most successful. Adapting to change and always thinking on your feet gives you an advantage over those that are looking in shock at what is happening around them.

Chose to be the change than waiting for change then act. Part of being wise is also looking ahead and not focusing so much on now. Your actions today will determine how your life will turn out. Ask God for direction and what to do next. You may be educated but that does not guarantee your success. Remember God is the Alpha and the Omega meaning He has seen and is in the future. He will tell you the hidden things that no ordinary man would otherwise know. As a Christian you have an unfair advantage in that He can guide and lead you into success. He will tell you what to do so use this advantage to advance in life.
Be the change and act quickly.



I was recently looking at my old pictures and I realized something. I realized that I was actually looking good and it may sound vain but I am going somewhere with this. At the time these pictures where taken I did not feel my best to be honest. I felt like I was chubby and not so beautiful and now when I look back I do not know what made to even think that way.
In this day, social media has imprinted in us the perfect person and as people we want to be that person, especially women. The perfect person has clear skin with no acne, flat tummy and toned. This ideal person dresses well, is liked by everybody, gets along with their family, and has many friends just to mention a few  things. When you look at Instagram people only post the best parts of them and their lives, it is only a few that post the ugly of their day to day life. Television shows are now embracing different body types and it’s a small start to decode what people have come to believe.
Social media is not the only problem but the people around you as well. When I was younger some people close to me used to always call me chubby or say ende wasimba (you have gained weight) and this made me to push myself and starve myself and feel like every time I eat I am gaining weight [WHICH IS NOT TRUE BY THE WAY]. I do not think these people meant it in a malicious way but they did not process their words before they spoke. At times, however it can be for our good but it is how someone says it. There is a fear in people of gaining weight and this is always seen as a negative thing. Slowly but slowly people are beginning to accept that being big is not a bad thing and it does not mean that you are unhealthy. Some people are slim or skinny and yet they are unhealthy as compared to a bigger person.
I look back now and I am disappointed in myself that I did not embrace how I looked at that time. At some point I was young and I kind of understand why I felt this way but now I am a bit older and I even thought that way last year. In my mind, I always thought I need to lose some weight and lose the belly and when I look back I do not even see the weight.I have made up my mind to love the way I look like now even though I am not where I want to be yet. I want to live in the moment and not only enjoy my body the way it is but enjoy where I am with my friends, family, education, and my blog as well.

Some advice would also be to surround yourself with positive and wise people that know how to speak and when to speak. On the other hand, do not be that person that will discourage someone by commenting hurtful comments about someone’s weight. Choose to be sensitive and pray before commenting without reason. Words are powerful and you do not know what comments that seem silly to you may push someone to do. We have all heard of people starving themselves till they are anorexic and some even committing suicide. Today just pray that God sets a guard over your mouth and that you are wise in your speech.

Be sensitive and choose to live in the moment.


Isaiah 49 :16
Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of you) on the palm of each of my hands, (O Zion) your walls are continually before me.

This is by far one of my favorite verses (I say that about many verses lol) and God just put this on my heart and revealed it to me in a such an amazing way. God does not use words just for the sake of it but He is deliberate with the words that He uses.
The word indelibly when looked closely at has several meanings and here are a few. It means inerasable, ineradicable, indestructible, stubborn, ingrained, unfading, imperishable, unforgettable, haunting, memorable, and never to be forgotten.

God has tattooed a picture of you on his palms in such a way that it cannot be rubbed off. At times in difficult situations we feel as if God has forgotten about us but He will never do that. Keep in mind that God does not do things in our way and in our own timing. God is for you and He only has plans for you to prosper and all He does is for your benefit.
As if tattooing a picture of you was not enough He has also tattooed them on his palm where you are constantly before Him. He did not tattoo it on His leg or back but His palm in such a way that all day and all night He can see you. God being God tattooed a picture of you on both of His palms, just in case one might think that He may not see the other hand. How amazing is God!
In the midst of all hard situations know that God is with you and He is aware of all that you are going through remember He neither sleeps nor slumbers but He is always watching over you. He is not surprised by what you are facing, it is not news to Him He even knows what is going to happen in the future. God is for you do not fear He has your back. Trust in Him it will all work out for your good.
Be blessed


Welcome to 2017 I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that the new year is going well. Welcome to my blog to those who are new and to those who have been here thank you for coming back.

I know that some people may be discouraged that they did not accomplish most of the goals they may have set in 2016 however choose to be hopeful this year. Do not carry the failures of last year with you but focus on now. Last year is over and there is no going back, do not waste time but make use of it. Use this time and focus on what you want to accomplish to avoid disappointment again this time next year. Set realistic goals so that you do not get overwhelmed and as the year progresses you can add more. Set goals that you are able to live out and work towards on a daily basis.
I am so excited for the new year and all it has to offer. I have so many plans for this year and I have so many exciting things planned for my blog so keep your eyes peeled it is going to be amazing. I want to do more encouraging posts and sharing my walk with Christ, fashion, beauty, and anything else that will come in mind.

As a person, I have a certain image of who I want to become and in this year I just want to be that person. An example is that I want to become more confident so instead of having this idea or waiting until I am confident I just want to be confident. I want to be and act like that person rather than waiting until I am. I hope it make sense. I want to be intentional about everything I do.
This year is going to be mind blowing, join me on this journey and see what God is about to do.