Being your own individual

I recently moved with my sister and I am so so blessed and grateful that finally we where able to move and we can fully pursue our dreams. The whole of this year we where working together at the same school and we pretty much did everything together whether we where at work or at home. So with time I begun to lose a bit of myself and I have no idea how that happened but I noticed.

In most cases I have heard people who where married or had children say this so I never thought it would happen to me seeing that I am not married and I do not have children. I was so engrossed in how we did this and that together that I forgot what it is that I wanted.

When I did realize this I began to think back on what are the things that make me me and what is it that I love. I began doing things for myself and not for anyone else. I am always one to go out of my way to make sure others are happy and I forget about myself.

So we as I write this it’s the end of October and we are getting ready to move and I have already begun making a some changes to get back to being me again. Now I take the time to write every single day and push my purpose.

Whenever I have a close friend or family member who I get along with so well I get caught up in enjoying the friendship that I forget myself or lose myself rather.

As some of you are already thinking yes I do that when dating or courting whatever term you use. I forget what I have to do as an individual because I love love and I get carried away sometimes. I even get to a point where. I put my trust and hope in a person and that can be too much pressure on the other person. The only person I am supposed to be doing that to is God because He never disappoints. Not to say let people have their way around you but I am sure you get what I mean.

The easiest way I have managed to do this is to focus on my purpose and doing what I love. Like I mentioned I write more, do more makeup, lookup more fashion, take up more speaking engagements etc. People may not understand all I will be doing but it’s my purpose and calling.

Another important thing is that I let those around me be themselves without influencing them in any way.

Being myself means I am more independent and I do things for myself without waiting for someone to do it for me. Basically I do what has to be done. I do things as an individual because I am an individual.

When God call me He called me alone:

Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew [and] approved of you [as My chosen instrument], and before you were born I separated and set you apart, consecrating you; [and] I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. [Exod. 33:12; Isa. 49:1, 5; Rom. 8:29.]

He knew me all this time and me alone and not with other people. I want to own who God has made me to be and not compromise it for anybody.

I used to feel bad for loving what I love and that I am better at somethings than others. These things that I am good at make me me and differentiate me. There maybe a lot of people who are doing makeup but the way I do it is different. I have my own face shape and the way I stroke the brush is unique and different. That’s why you see that you can try and copy a makeup look but it will never be the same because you are you that is your power. I love fashion there are many fashion bloggers but my style is different that’s my amour.

I am still discovering more of myself and I am so happy on this journey of being me. Tell me more about your journey and how you have been owning your individuality. Thanks for reading till next time…..



The feeling I get when I am writing goals for any new year or project is hard to describe. It brings so much excitement and joy. I have so many things I hope for. I means I get way in over my head with the excitement and I want to do it all but I always I forget to revisit my goals for the previous year. This to me as I think of it now that I am older seems pointless.

It has never failed that I forget about last year, it seems like a clean slate so I just leave it all in the past and move on.

How I have measured my progress in the past I have no idea but now as an adult I have seen the importance of this. It is very crucial that I look back at my progress to see the following:

◦ What I have done better and grown in

◦ What skills l have mastered

◦ Which areas l have shown growth

◦ What goals have I not even touched

◦ What are the areas I attempted and failed. The list is endless we can go on and on.

Doing this I have noticed will ensure you continue to grow and you learn from your mistakes or continue to improve.

For example. Last year one of the things I am most proud of was that I took up opportunities to MC at church, which I always saw myself do but I never had the courage to pursue. This year I did not have the opportunity to do so but I am beginning in November. Because I looked at 2017 and compared it to 2018 I could measure if there was any progress or not. That is just one example of many.

This year I have taken and continue to take my time in looking back and revisiting my goals. There have been some unexpected things that have happened but I have grown Irregardless of everything.

Like always thank you so much for stopping by I really appreciate it. Please tell me below what you do to prepare for the coming year or what you want to start implementing. Till next time…..


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A couple of weeks or so ago I found myself really excited about the new year coming soon and I was already making plans. I mean it’s the perfect time to start afresh it’s like a do over and you can conquer it all.

For me I get excited because I get to write my New Years resolutions and all that I want to accomplish. I even get too excited to a point where I forget to revisit my goals for the pervious year not be down about it but to measure my progress from where I was the year before to now. This has changed from this year so I am happy about that.

It is very easy to put off so many projects and plans I have simply because I have planned it for next year. As significant as any new year is, it is just another year and another day. There is no miracle going to happen because you wrote goals.

I have been asking myself why am I not starting now on all the plans I have for next year. I have always started the next year and it has not changed anything so why not try something new and this is it.

I am that person that waits for:

◦ Next year

◦ Next week

◦ Next time

◦ Monday

◦ Friday

◦ When I have money

◦ When I start dating

◦ When I am married

◦ When I have enough

◦ When I relocate

◦ When I get older.

◦ When I am feeling it

I can go on and on but let me leave it hear. I find myself procrastinating and I want to do things when I feel like it. Feeling lazy and not doing things when they are to be done has cost me so many opportunities but I am not here to mop around and feel sorry for myself. 2018-2019 is not the time for that, I mean my life is not for that. I want to learn and be better and change.

All my goals for 2018 have started now they will not start on the 1 January 2019 but now. Be it my spiritual life, blog, career, relationships,etc it all begins not in the evening or tomorrow. As I write this it has started and there is no going back now.

That’s it everybody, my prayer is that you where challenged in same way I am and leave me a comment on your thoughts or your plans below. Till next time……

Practice makes perfect

As simple as this sounds it cannot be any more true. I am that person when I am doing something I want it to be perfect and I want to give it my all.

As you can imagine my disappointment when I do something and it’s not up to par I get really down about it. I have realized lately that the more I do something the more confident I am and the better I become.

When you do something over and over again it stops the fear and you get better at it. Fear comes in when you are not sure you are able to do something and you hesitate.

Whenever I hesitate I know its fear. The way I deal with fear when it comes to doing something is practicing it until I get it and this can be scary but it has to be done.

I love makeup and when I first started in 2015 it was horrible. My eyebrows where harsh guys my laptop is not working I would have made your tummy hurt from laughing lol. They where thin and it was not pretty at all. But I did not stop because I was not good I continued to practice and I am not there yet but I am way better. I used to practice my brows at home and with time I got it.

I would say continue to learn and take risks do not be on the same level forever. Whatever craft you are into continue to practice and I promise you will get it.

So yeah my babies I hope you loved this post and you are inspired to push harder. Thank you so much for reading till next time……


9CB20838-83D8-4AD4-B987-CBB4662DE2A3I have been using Gentle using Gentle magic for a couple of years and I honestly love the range. However I have products I love more than others and their mask happens to be one of them as well as the serum and soap.

I have oily skin which as most of you know is more prone to acne and more breakout as compared to dry skin. The mask is catered towards that which I love.


Claims straight from the packaging:
Is a rich, exfoliating facial scrub with natural kaolin clay to draw out impurities and resurfacing Jojoba beads to promote a healthier radiant glow.

The two major ingredients are Kaolin clay and Jojoba beads so I did a bit of research on these two components.

Kaolin is actually mined in places like China, Europe among other countries. I do know this product is made in Durban so I am not sure if you can find it locally or in Africa. It is white and the whiter the better although sometimes it’s green due to decomposition as I noticed in the face mask.

Benefits of Kaolin clay:
◦ Reduces oily skin significantly which I mentioned above causes acne in most cases.
◦ Treats acne
◦ Soothes the skin
◦ Cleanses skin and great for irritated skin
◦ Exfoliates dead cells

Now we move to Jojoba beads:
This l didn’t know but Jojoba is actually a desert shrub found north of Mexico and other places.

Jojoba shrub

Benefits of Jojoba beads
◦ They are Gentle enough to scrub the skin without irritating the skin.
◦ Treats acne
◦ Supplies vitamins

I have noticed significant change on my skin. I have little spots here and there as I get pimples at that time of that month. From my pictures you can tell there is a difference. No matter how much foundation you put bad skin will always peak though.

Since High School acne has always been a problem but I can tell you this has been a game changer for me. Since I started using this my skin is continuing to improve . The mask was a nice addition to the collection. I only review products that I love and this is one of them.

The combination of the Kaolin clay and Jojoba beads is a match made in heaven. These two are perfect in combating acne and oily skin which I am pretty sure a lot of us struggle with.
The products itself:
The mask feels really light it’s not heavy, the consistency shows it really seeps in the skin. It’s not too thick to where it’s hard to apply in fact it’s so easy to apply. The Jojoba beads are so gentle and not harsh.

For a quick fix this will do the trick as you do not have to leave it on for long just for 30-45 seconds and you are done. I sometime leave it on whilst I shower then rinse it off. It does tingle a little bit which I am all for ,it’s like when you put a product with peppermint on your face and it increases blood flow hence why it give you glowing skin

Now to the packaging:
I love the clear section of mask as it allows me to see how much I have left . I think it was nice to differentiate it from the other products, the all green had to go. Basically what I am tying to say is that I love the packaging.

Then we move to the price point and place:

In stores like Clicks it costs R39.99 which is basically R40. Considering that you get 100ml I think that’s a bargain and a half. As compared to other masks you find on the market this is the most affordable and it will last you a little while. I got mine beginning of the year and it’s just past half which is bomb.

I normally get my toiletries in Clicks so I just pick it up from there but it’s available in Dischem, Shopright, Pick n Pay, and any other stores pretty much everywhere.

I would suggest you try this for yourself but most people that have tried this have not been disappointed. And some people maybe hesitant because it affordable but for me it works your skin will clear up. For some people it has cleared the skin and lightened the skin a little bit. For me I do not mind my face is lighter than my face anyway so that works for me but other than that it’s perfect.

If you have used this before please tell me your thoughts below and how it worked for you. Thanks again for reading till next time….


Over time I have realized that reflection is very important and without it it is hard to learn and progress in life. This brings me and you here to reflect once again.

I feel like whenever I am reflecting one thing that always comes up is how the unexpected always seems to be the norm. This year is no different last year I did not see myself where I am today however in hindsight I see why God brought me right where I am, here are the few bits and bobs that will save some of you from going thought what I went through.

◦ Me time is very important
When I was going to University I had plenty of time to myself and I got to know myself so much. Now that I took a break and I am working I hardly get time to be by myself or if I am being honest with myself I have not been putting in effort to create the time. As I recently got back to spending time by myself ideas have been coming so easily in areas where I thought I was stuck and I could not move forward. Me time is the best thing one can do for themselves.
◦ God first and everything else follows
As I am working sometimes it feels like there is hardly any time to pray. When I wake up I always feel tired like I always want to go bed lol. So in my mind I think I will pray and read my Bible later which is a bad idea. God is amazing He pursues me especially in these times when I am “busy”, He is forever after me, pursuing me which brings me to tears when I think about it. He never gives up even when I harden my heart He still pursues me. How faithful, beautiful and magnificent is He. So for me He comes first always although sometimes it takes discipline to say no I will take this time to spend with God rather than watch tv or for some of us a vlog.

◦ Whatever you do you do it for God. 1 Corinthians 10:31
At work, sometimes I feel like I am doing the most and more than other people or this person did not do this so I won’t do this. This God spoke to me so clearly that I am doing it for Him not for my boss or for anyone else. All must be for Him and He is the one that promotes and no one else [Psalm 75:6]. Think about it I would rather have God promote me than men, His promotion will obviously be better.

◦ I am not too good for any job
Let me explain before some people go crazy lol. By this I mean at work if it means emptying the trash to ensure the work environment is conducive I will do it. When I started working I used to say I do not take out the trash and this and that I mean the list was endless. With time I realized God brought me here to teach me maturity and being humble. You are not any less by doing manial jobs. At a company one must know how to do all jobs be it administration, marketing or whatever just knowing the basics will give you an advantage. One day your assistance might be needed and this will open doors of opportunities and no one will ignore you. This increases your value to the company and not one person will be able to deny it.

I have many more lesson but these are the ones that stood out the most. I am curious to know what you have learnt so far in 2018 or life in general, leave me a comment below so we can learn together. See you next time.


Last year I posted the first part to this basic look which I will link here and this was the best shoot I had done as of that time. When I look back I still think the shoot was good but I have had better ones. Without wasting much time let me give you the details on this outfits so let’s get into it.

This grey tee is from Jet, a little secret [its from the men’s section]. For some reason men’s tees fit much better and are more comfortable, it’s not everyday that you want a body hugging tee. The fabric is cotton and lightweight which is perfect for this hot weather. 65% is Polyester and 35% Cotton which makes the material quite breathable.

The jeans are from Jet and I wore them in the first basics post. These have spandex because they stretch so much which means they are comfortable. 77% is cotton, 21% Polyester and 2% spandex. The trick with jeans is to check if they have spandex and normally it’s just about 2% which makes all the difference. Over the years as my weight has fluctuated they have continued to fit which make me so happy and not only that but I was just as comfortable.

No basic look is complete without crisp white tennis shoes. These are from Jet and I bought them for R69.99 which adds up to R70. I had been wanting these for a while and they are a cheaper alternative to All Stars, Adidas or any other expensive tennis shoes or trainers. For now they are working great for me as I do not wear them all the time. Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by Jet it just so happened that all three out of four items are from the same store.

Lastly my head wrap is an old light weight sweater which I have been using as wrapper. So yeah my Queens or Kings thank you for reading tell me your thoughts below. 👋