New beginnings.

Over the past year and a half I have learnt so much about myself, learnt about others and I have grown in my faith. Am I there yet ? certainly not!. Its a beautiful and at times painful journey that I have been walking. I have sat down many times wanting to start this blog and I have backed out many times. I have  been discouraged a thousand times and a part of me thought can I really do this? That was fear speaking and I did not know it. I thought to myself I do not want to put myself out there but was that really the reason?
Some people close to me sternly warned me to be careful what I put on the internet it may prevent you from getting a job one day, which was true. What I did not know was that I was letting fear and doubt stop me from doing what God had been impressing on my heart for some time. One man rightly said,”The presence of doubt means you are in fear”. I gave excuses of not having a camera and yet I had a functioning phone. I told myself to stop thinking what will people say or think but to follow my passion. 
I have finally mastered the courage to start this blog. I will be talking of things I have been through to help those in the same situation. Other things will be those I feel I have overcome and my hopes for the future. Not forgetting fashion, lifestyle and anything that comes to mind. The main purpose is overall growth in all area’s whether big or small, hope you join me on this journey of discovery and I pray you that you relate and are able to apply it in your lives. Be blessed. 


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