I am not in completion with anyone…… if you get there before me oohh well congratulations …. Life is an express road and overtaking is allowed.  
I always make it a point not to constantly be in completion with anyone because our purpose and goals all differ at the end of the day. I am in completion with myself, my goal in this life is to become better than I was yesterday and constantly improve in all areas of life.
In life some people will get to their goals before you but that does not mean that you have failed in any way. God has destined us to accomplish our goals and dreams at different time, if we all arrive at once then that moment will not be special. His plans for us are the best, trust me I know and I have learnt this the hard way. For so long I tried to make things happen in my own timing and tried to control things and I was back at the starting point. We are all going in different directions and some will get there first and we should learn to be happy for one another. Learn to clap and genuinely be happy for others as they accomplish their goals even though you may want the same thing. One other important thing I have learnt is that you need to learn to clap for yourself before anyone claps for you. Be proud of yourself and where you have come from. Appreciate those people that celebrate you in private and always have your back.
In case someone is getting this wrong, it is also very good to have some healthy competition which is not destructive to self. Remember it may seem as if some people have arrived and it all seems rosy or greener but everything is not always what it seems. I read a quote that said “the grass is greener on the side because it’s fake”, remember that next time.
Lastly another quote,” comparison is the thief of joy”, do not let comparison rob your joy rather walk your journey and not only that but rather enjoy it as well.
Kisses. Be blessed…………..


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