So I know the struggle is real out here as students and l wanted to share some tips that have worked for me over the years in university. As most of you know in university you now have the responsibility to budget for the month or semester depending with how you get your money. It’s not everyone who gets a lot of money in a week or month. What I have come to realize is that you really need to be intentional about saving money. Here are some tips that you may probably know already but I decided to remind you and also have them in one place.

  1. Make a list when going shopping.

This seems like something that you hear all the time and we tend to overlook it even though it really helps. I for one find myself going crazy when I get in a shop and just start buying things that are not necessary and so a list will be really helpful.

  1. Pack a lunch

I know what you are all thinking it seems like a high school thing to do but you will save lots of money and you can also pack a healthier lunch as well.

  1. Buying in bulk

This is a very good thing to do especially the beginning of the semester. I am sure we obviously know that by buying things in bulk it costs less than buying smaller items. Things to buy in bulk include your dried foods like your starches that do not go bad quickly. Another tip that can be a bit controversial is buying frozen vegetables and supplement them with fresh ones. The frozen vegetables will last longer as well.

  1. Plan in advance

Before getting your money it’s important to plan before and allocate your money to the different things you want to buy. This tip also helps in that you will not buy unnecessary items that you may not really need.

  1. Another tip is to take a day or two off before spending your money, I personally do this especially when I have not planned. Let’s face it we all get excited when getting money or maybe it’s just me so I try to take a day without spending money allowing me get time to really think of what I want to buy.
  2. Buying your local shop’s brand rather than buying the more expensive products. Most of the time it’s pretty much the same product that has been repackaged by the store and sold at a lower price which will save you some money. However this all depends with the product you are buying some can be good and others not so much.

There are of course many tips out there but these are the ones that have been working for me. One thing to always keep in mind is to eat healthy, stay active and to also live according to your means.

Let’s keep the conversation going please tell me your budgeting tips below or comment on any of my social media platforms @tineruvimbo. Thanks for reading be blessed.





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