My whole life, I had been too occupied with the cares of this world, university and wanting to make a better life for myself. God wanted to talk to me but with so much noise around me I was not able to hear. I was running away from my calling and I was going after making money instead of what God was calling me to do.

Like Jonah he placed me in a situation where I had nowhere to go, I was stuck and I did not know what to do. I had a good two weeks alone with God and there was no running this time. I had too much time on my hands with nothing to do which was frustrating at first but it was only after those two weeks were over that I understood what God was trying to do. I was preoccupied with university and the noise was just too much such that I was not able to hear what God was saying.

When undergoing surgery in real life you are prepped for it and you know how the operation will be done and the steps they will take to  fix you up but God does not give you instructions in most cases. He just tells you the outcome and destination, He does not tell you the process. This is when faith and hope comes into play, now you have to trust God’s process which can be terrifying as we are used to having control in our day to day lives. For me I had no idea God was going to be dealing with me, it was only days later in this situation that I began to see what He was doing. God was examining my motives on the things that I wanted and the reasons behind walking in my purpose and to be honest for me it was because of the things I stood to gain from this. I wanted the benefits from walking in my purpose but I did not understand that there is supposed to be an impact on people’s lives.

We are not just called to reap the benefits from our calling but to make a change in the world. There will surely be benefits but that is not the reason why we are doing what we have been called to do.

When our focus in not on the material things of this world we are able to walk in our purpose and focus on the mission. With clear minds the Holy Spirit is able to guide and lead you in the way you are supposed to go.At times God brings us into situations to work on us, speak to us in a quiet environment in which we can hear Him. It is not because God wants to punish us but it is the opposite He loves us and wants the best for us.

God wants us to be fruitful and effective in every area of our lives and in order to do that He needs to operate on us to trim unnecessary baggage we are carrying. At times God has to push you in a corner in order to deal with you. For me God has made it pretty clear that it is not what you own but walking in your purpose and making a difference in the world around me. It is not about getting a degree and material possessions but doing what you have been called to.
You can be accomplishing and surpassing your goals and what is expected of you but what good is accomplishing the wrong purpose or assignment.
To me this sounds sad and heart breaking. We are all assigned to do something and you are meant to walk in that path. Focus on the right things in life and always be checking on your motives as to why you want certain things. I hope that this gave you something to think about and that it ministered to you.
Keep searching for that undiscovered beauty in you
Until next time


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