Isaiah 49 :16
Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of you) on the palm of each of my hands, (O Zion) your walls are continually before me.

This is by far one of my favorite verses (I say that about many verses lol) and God just put this on my heart and revealed it to me in a such an amazing way. God does not use words just for the sake of it but He is deliberate with the words that He uses.
The word indelibly when looked closely at has several meanings and here are a few. It means inerasable, ineradicable, indestructible, stubborn, ingrained, unfading, imperishable, unforgettable, haunting, memorable, and never to be forgotten.

God has tattooed a picture of you on his palms in such a way that it cannot be rubbed off. At times in difficult situations we feel as if God has forgotten about us but He will never do that. Keep in mind that God does not do things in our way and in our own timing. God is for you and He only has plans for you to prosper and all He does is for your benefit.
As if tattooing a picture of you was not enough He has also tattooed them on his palm where you are constantly before Him. He did not tattoo it on His leg or back but His palm in such a way that all day and all night He can see you. God being God tattooed a picture of you on both of His palms, just in case one might think that He may not see the other hand. How amazing is God!
In the midst of all hard situations know that God is with you and He is aware of all that you are going through remember He neither sleeps nor slumbers but He is always watching over you. He is not surprised by what you are facing, it is not news to Him He even knows what is going to happen in the future. God is for you do not fear He has your back. Trust in Him it will all work out for your good.
Be blessed



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