One thing that I have realized and I am sure most of you have realized as well is that things do no always go according to your plans. I am a person that likes to plan and I want things to go a certain way and I have been disappointed many times because that is not the way that it goes. I had heard of adapting to the change around you but it did no register that this was something that I needed to do.
We live with and around people and we do not think or act the same way and this can lead to clashing of some sort. I cannot stress how important it is to be quick to move and work on the next thing. An example is, I like to have my quiet in the morning after I am done with all my chores and I have a bit more time on my hands and I also love having space to pace around or shout if I want to. You can not only imagine that it is not every day that I get to that, there may be visitors or people are home. I cannot ask people to leave the house so I can have my quiet time I mean they will probably just look at me with confused faces. Recently I have learnt to have my quiet time with people around after all it is not the shouting or pacing that gets my prayers answered and God can still hear me praising and worshiping him in my heart. This was just my example and to you it may different, it can be in your workplace, business, or relationships. We must be quick to think of the next step and what to do from that point on wards. Even if you look closely, businesses that adapt to change and are always thinking of the future are the ones that are the most successful. Adapting to change and always thinking on your feet gives you an advantage over those that are looking in shock at what is happening around them.

Chose to be the change than waiting for change then act. Part of being wise is also looking ahead and not focusing so much on now. Your actions today will determine how your life will turn out. Ask God for direction and what to do next. You may be educated but that does not guarantee your success. Remember God is the Alpha and the Omega meaning He has seen and is in the future. He will tell you the hidden things that no ordinary man would otherwise know. As a Christian you have an unfair advantage in that He can guide and lead you into success. He will tell you what to do so use this advantage to advance in life.
Be the change and act quickly.


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