I love new beginnings like the start of the new year. I know as the new year started most people set goals and where so excited for the new year and to get things done but somewhere along the lines things did not work out quite well. Work, school, friends, family, and life might have gotten in the way, not to worry February is here and it is another opportunity to get back on track. For the month of February I am so excited for the goals I want to accomplish. Here are some of the things I have already started doing for February.
• Get a planner
I love planners and writing my goals for the day and the good part is that this can either be a digital planner or the normal planner. It does not even have to be expensive but a simple book will do the trick. I sleep with my tablet or phone near me to jot down ideas I may get at night because I get ideas at the mot random of times.

• Write down goals and ideas
It is not enough to just get a planner but you must use it. There is a quote that says, the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory. This is so true because I forget a lot of things that I want to do so I write everything down even the smallest of things. I want to write down my plans for the week and month and I want to keep in mind I do not have to figure out everything, some goals or tasks can be added later.

• Start with the hardest thing
This has helped me immensely, I start with the thing I am dreading the most when I still have the energy in the morning. Some prefer to start with the easiest but for me it is the opposite. After ticking this off I feel like everything else I can finish so easily.

• Do not let tasks to pile up
Having too many things to do can be over whelming and so this month I plan to finish my goals tasks for the day. I am guilty of putting things off until it is convenient for me but from now I want to do things when I set out to do them or even earlier than the set time.
• Seeking assistance and prayer
Obviously, life does not go the way we plan and we need God and people to assist us. I pray that God will lead and direct me and show me what He wants me to do this year. In terms of my blog I want to post topics burning on His heart, I really want there to be a shift in what I post. I will of course post fashion and beauty posts but at least have one post of encouragement a week, that is my goal. It is also important to seek help and advice from others after all I live around people.
• Enjoy the moment
A lot may be happening around me and there is a lot to be done however I want to take time to enjoy and appreciate what I have and the people around me every single day. Things may be tough but I want to take time in a day to be thankful to God for all He has blessed me with.

These are the few things I am doing I thought I could share with you. There are many more things you can do it is all up to you. Do what will help you to be more productive and feel accomplished.



Add yours

  1. Helpful indeed im learning to write things for the day trust me im struggling lol but this has not only shaded the light but revealed the strength of dilligent people *thank you*


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