We are in the month of love and some people are excited whilst others are dreading the day. This is a time that is good for business and where they maximize profits. Valentine’s day is celebrated probably at the same level as Easter holidays or might dare say even Christmas. I am always on YouTube and the number of makeup tutorials up already is insane, there are even look books on what to wear. All this is great if you have a date or in a relationship, if you are not it is a completely different story.
To those celebrating Valentine’s day, I hope you have an amazing day and may your day be filled with much joy and celebration. For this blog post I wanted to give some tips to help you get through the day and actually have fun when you are single on this day.

• Go out with friends and family
Instead of whining on why you are single go out with some friends or family, go for lunch or dinner. Surround yourself the people who love you and choose to enjoy the day. I know that some people may not have the money to go out rather make a nice meal for your family. It does not have to be expensive but when a meal is shared with those you love it tastes even better [or to me anyway].

• Have a pamper session at home
If you are into baths, then this will be a good way to spend the night. With this there is no need to buy anything or if you must it is very cheap. You can make you own bath bomb and take a long bath, after this you can do your own manicure at home. Do something you know you will enjoy without stretching yourself thin.

• Buy yourself a gift
Gifts are the number one reason people feel left out and you can avoid this by simply getting one for yourself. You do not need to wait around for someone to buy you a gift when you can do it yourself. There are plenty of options now and you can pretty much get anything. It can be a watch, shoes, chocolates, or anything really.

This does not have to be a day to dread as you can make the most of this day. I mean it is like any other day when you think about it. Be wise also and not spend too much money, think of the rest of the month and other responsibilities coming up. I hope this will help some of you and feel free to leave a comment, leave a tip or suggestions for future blog posts. Thank you so much for taking the time to read I really appreciate it.



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