Recently I have been feeling unmotivated and did not really want to do anything. I had lots of things I wanted to do and life happened but I am back up doing what I love and living life to the fullest. I remember mentioning that at times things do not always go according to plan but I have managed to get back up on the horse. Here I have a few tips that have helped me and might help you when you are feeling down.

o Find the route of the feeling
At times how you feel may be bigger that what you think. Maybe you are constantly surrounded by negative people this will obviously affect your mood or maybe you argued with someone and you thought it was over and yet it is still affecting you. When I intensely argue with someone especially someone I care about it really drags me down and I find myself in a bad space. Find the source and deal with it in the best way you can. If it is something that cannot be dealt with easily then read the next point.

o Tell God about it
God is our friend and He knows more about us and He knows the problem. Talk to Him and bare your soul to Him. Pour your heart out and tell Him exactly how you are feeling. Remember God made you and He knows all about you and He knows how to make you feel better. God will also give you a solution and next time you will know what to do or rather where to start from as the situation may be different. In doing this it must not be you ranting and you are not listening. God will speak to you just be sure to listen He is always speaking to you, you simply to have pay close attention and you will hear from Him. ALWAYS RUN TO HIM, HE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS YOU WILL EVER NEED.

o Listen to a sermon or read the word
This is one of the best ways to get back right in my zone when I am not motivated. When doing this of course find a sermon or chapter that will uplift you. There is just something about the word when preached, the word ministers to you in a way that cannot be explained. There is no way that you can listen the word and still be depressed after.

o Talk to someone
Surround yourself with positive people that are able to uplift you. Call a friend or family member and talk,  you may not to even have talk about what you are going through but a simple conversation will lift you right up. If you have someone you can share your situation with then do that. Make sure it is someone you trust, someone who is Spirit led and able to keep a secret.

o Watch others work
What I do when I do not feel like doing a bit of work I watch a video of other people doing what I want to do and this gets me inspired. For example, if I had set out to clean and I am not feeling up to it I watch a video and for me that never fails. I also watch the end result of what I am supposed to do and this always helps me.


There are many things that one can do but this is what I do, if you have any tips on what you do please leave them down in the comments section and I will be sure to look at them. I hope this will help someone who is feeling down.

Choose to be happy you are too blessed to be sad.



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  1. This is a beautiful read as usual. I’m gonna try watching others work, I’ve never tried that before. And what I do is find a quiet place and I speak in tongues. It always calms my soul and gets me back to my usual productive self. Thanks for sharing.


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