Hie my loves, I know it has been a while since I have posted any fashion related blog posts but l am back now. You can expect at least one fashion post every Monday, an inspiration one on Thursady and maybe a surprise one any day during the week.

I really love this look, l did not put much effort into it but the look looks so put together. .


l really love this olive throw or cardigan and you will not believe it but I got it from a thrift market for far less than it actually costs. I love that it has two different textures which is quit different. You can also wear this on a cold day with jeans and t-shirt and you will be just fine.


The detail at the back is so beautiful and I love it because l do not own anything like this. You can pretty much wear this with jeans or dress it up with a body con dress on a cold day.


The dress is from Mr Price and the material is really thick and warm. I have had this dress for a while and it looks like it is still intact. The dress feels expensive and is of great quality but it was so affordable.


The cut out at the back is not what I normally go for but when I tried it on I fell in love with it. I mentioned earlier that the material is thick but I think you can get away with wearing it in summer maybe on a night out with a leather jacket to accessorize it.


The shoes are from Jet, l got them a couple of years back and they go with almost every outfit which l love.

In my next post this week I will give details on all the products I used to achieve this make-up look. All the products are really affordable so be on the look out for the next post. I hope you were inspired by this post and you will make it your own with what you have in whatever color.

Have an amazing week and continue to be your own kind of beautiful. 







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