From the title I guess its pretty obvious that today it’s all about my kimono. I never thought that one day I would actually wear a kimono but l am trying new things and playing around with my personal style.




From previous post l am sure most of you have noticed that l love my basics and neutral colors. I am wearing all black and the kimono spices the look up and brings more color to a basic look.




Both my black jeans and vest are from Mr Price. The kimono I actually thrift-ed. If you are on a budget Mr Price is the place to go for your basics but for me if I am looking for something a little more unique thrift shopping is the way to go. I have also realized that in thrift shops or markets most of the clothes have tags which is pretty amazing. I splurge more on my bags and shoes, everything else I really do not spend a lot.


Thank you so much for reading, please leave me a comment on what you think of this look or suggestions of thrift stores l should try.


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