It is very important to learn to be alone and not be constantly surrounded by people. At times you just need that time alone and get to know yourself better. I for one used to constantly be surrounded by people and when I was alone I was always preoccupied with something. You will never learn to be independent with people around you all the time.

Being surrounded by people does not make you complete, one must be and feel complete without people. It is OK to have people around you but the problem comes when your very essence is based on the people around you and what they think about you.
Life still continues even if people desert you and it may be painful but that is simply the truth.

Designate certain things that you do alone [if you are not used to being alone take one step at a time]. On the other hand, I am not saying be a loner you always need the help of others. Some people even require someone to even go with them to the bathroom which seems really funny if you think about it. The people you are always with will not always be available and this can be frustrating but if you are used to being alone it will not be a problem. One might actually take it personal that the person is not around and to be honest they are entitled to do as they please.

When I started making time for myself that is when I started know myself better. I began to notice what I did not like and what I really loved about myself. It was in this period of time that I began to love my flaws and love me for who I am. I began to decode the negative things people would say about me and really get to the bottom of what people would say . In this season I looked back at the conversations I had had with people that had stuck with me. I started to seek who I was in the Lord and who He had made me to be. After doing this I did not need people to validate my actions.

I have made it my mission to set time aside for me constantly, to get in tune with my emotions. I am still discovering things about myself and working on my flaws to be better by the day.  You will not know yourself all at once it takes time and effort, you have to make a conscious effort. This journey is for life it is not a once in a lifetime thing, it is a daily walk.

I pray that we continue to learn to differentiate when we need to be alone and when we need people around, there has to be a balance. It all depends with the season one is in as well, at times you need people around you and at times you need that time alone. I hope this helped you, please do not forget to leave a comment on your thoughts. Have an amazing weekend.


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  1. Loved this one! Depending on people for validation is some kind of prison we should never allow ourselves to be in. I’m talking from experience here lol. Now that I’ve tried being alone for a while and I’m in touch and in love with me, I know that I’m pretty awesome haha. Of course what others think of me matters but my happiness no longer hinges on that. Bless you for sharing this with us.

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  2. This was a great post. A lot of people are always in the presence of others. I remember once asking on Twitter when the last time a person was single. I was surprised to note that some people are always in a relationship and they openly admitted to being scared of being lonely. It was an eye opener for me. I am one of those individuals who values her space and alone time is very crucial for me whether I’m single or in a relationship. I hope a lot of people get to read this because time to yourself is the one thing you need to do as often as you can.

    When you have a chance you should read this post https://makupsy.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/learn-to-enjoy-your-own-company/

    Have a lovely day ahead


    1. I am so happy you relate it is very important like you said whether single or dating. Especially when you are with someone you tend to focus o ur significant other. You too have an amazing day.


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