I recently discovered that I tend to focus on my next chapter rather than enjoying where I am. I look back at some past seasons that I thought were bad but now when I look back it was not that bad at all. Every season in one’s life is there to teach you and prepare you for another season, it may not be the next season but it is surely preparing you.

This is a topic I have been thinking about for a while and I knew I was missing something but I did not know what it was. I look back at the four months of 2017 and I really do not have any memories or remember where the time went. I know we say time flies but I honestly do not know how I got here. I realized I do not focus on the season I am in but I tend to focus on the next season and time slips through my fingers. I am currently reading this book and I found the missing aspect I could not put my finger on; discontent. My focus is not on where I am now but where I hope to be. I am not satisfied at all and this something that was hard for me to swallow but it is the truth.


1 Timothy 6:8 AMP
[And it is, indeed, a source of immense profit, for] godliness accompanied with contentment (that contentment which is a sense of inward sufficiency) is great and abundant gain.

I want to be satisfied inwardly like what the word is saying. As I think of this I cannot help but think that even if God was to give me everything I am praying for right now I will still not be content. Because there is no inward contentment it is hard to be content with anything else that one desires.

I am living through the seasons but I am not living (if that makes sense). I am living but I am not present, time just passes me by but I have no memories or things I did that I can look back on. Discontentment causes you to miss years of your life, like me I am looking back at my life and I could have been more intentional about my life and the choices that I make. I forget how to enjoy my life, how to enjoy the season I am in right now. The season may not be the rosiest of them all but there are so many things to appreciate and be grateful for. I am not living in the moment and I am not focusing on what is important in life.

Enough about what I am not doing here is what I have set my mind to do. I mentioned in a previous post I want to be intentional. I want to live in the moment and make sure that I enjoy where I am. I want to look at the things I am grateful for and not focus so much on the negative. I want to appreciate where I am, who I am and the people around me. I want to choose to be joyful, to live in the moment, to celebrate life, to be grateful and thankful for the season I am in.


My prayer
Lord help me to be content with where I am
Help me appreciate the season that you have placed me in and where you are taking me. May you help me to live in the moment and be present. May you help me to be joyful and be happy with the life you have given me. May I be content with having you in my life and not focus on the physical aspect of life. Lord you are all I would ever ask for and I know through you I have everything I desire to have. Amen

I hope this really helped someone and if you are through the same thing please comment below and let’s have a conversation about this topic below. Have an amazing week.

Be content and choose to be joyful


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