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I am back again with this topic and me repeating it shows its importance. This topic is something most people have struggled with and still struggling with.  There are a lot of definitions for confidence, one that stood out to me is sureness, sureness in who I am. Sureness of yourself and for me it is the sureness in who God has made me.

I would be lying to you if I say that I have mastered this area and it’s all rosy. This is something I think no one ever fully masters. I am in a better place, when I look back at my younger days I had little to no confidence. I thought to myself I am not as pretty as the girl next door and that I did not own the fanciest of clothes. To me confidence was based on what one had and the life that they live. Now that I look back I was totally wrong. Some people have everything they would ever need in this life and yet are still not confident. They have everything materialistic that is.

From this point, how then would we define confidence? I would say it is loving yourself wholly, with your strengths and weaknesses. It is accepting your flaws right at this moment, do not say let me first lose those extra kilos or that winter chub. [I too have that wither chub guys and it’s still a struggle but it’s coming along]. As you are reading this at this stag,with things not being perfect I pose a question, “do you love yourself?” I am a long way from where I want to be but every day I am taking steps to ensure that I get more confident by the day. An example of what I am doing is me trying to lose this winter chub, I am exercising and working towards my dream body. In the meantime, I am making sure that I am comfortable in what I am wearing, if anything is not flattering to me I am simply not going to wear it. Anything that is making you not to be confident work on it but if it’s something that takes long then make a plan for the time being.
Get to the root maybe there are deeper issues to this. I read a quote that said
Confidence is walking in a room and not wanting to compete or compare yourself with anyone


There is no need to compete or want to outdo others, you are enough. God did not make a mistake when he made you, you are perfectly imperfect, and God’s strength is made perfect in your weaknesses. In some cases you are challenged in the place of your calling. I hope this helped someone, have an amazing day and be blessed.



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