Beautifully bronzed

42EE5D90-C582-4B38-A54E-BEBD5BC5F72FGrowing up and even up to now there is a lot of praise towards those that are light skinned, on the other hand criticism of those that are dark seems to be a normal thing to do. There has been a turn around and there has been praising of dark skin and I am all for it.

All this leads me to what has been happening lately. Right now where I am staying its really hot, I have never stayed in a hotter place and I have tanned or rather let me say become sun-kissed. At first it really bothered me and I was wondering why. I pride myself  in being light skinned and as I thought to myself all this was because I always got complimented on being light when I was growing up. As I thought to myself it was because being dark was seen and is still seen as a bad thing. People would scold each other one saying kusviba which is Shona and when translated it means that you are dark in simple terms. I have never heard anyone say kutsvuka which means that you are light. Being dark skinned is something that has always been made to be a negative thing and yet it’s a beautiful thing. In translating, the meaning kind of gets lost but I would liken this to someone saying you have gained weight. This is not a bad thing at all but this is how it’s seen.10246876-F856-4CB5-9F1B-9FBC5E6506E3.jpeg

One thing to keep in mind is that people that are fairer get spray tans to be more tanned and yet being dark is being frowned upon. You know in summer when you tan people will say nhamo yakurova and this means you are struggling through life and you have no money to take care of yourself. Being tan or kusviba whatever you may want to call it does not in any way mean that you cannot afford to take care of yourself. It just means that you have been getting a lot more sun than usual and getting more down time. Maybe you are just walking more or whatever it is but it is not a bad thing at all.

As I thought to myself why I was thinking like this I began to recondition my mind and remove all the things that I have heard. Being dark is beautiful I mean I look at people like Lupita Nyong’o, Viola Davis and many other gorgeous dark skinned women have shown that being dark is not something to be looked down on. One of my favorite YouTubers Nikki Perkins from Jamie and Nikki is so so beautiful despite the fact that she is dark.

DE4FCF1F-DDC2-4138-9E45-A75D67DC1D39.jpegOne thing that does surprise me is that dark men have always been praised and yet the women are not. Which I still do not understand up to this day. Darker men are seen as more masculine and lighter women more womanly which baffles me  even now.

Dark skinned, light skinned, sun-kissed or whatever you may be you are beautiful, you are amazing and you are gorgeous. I have many shades of color which I have come to appreciate. Love yourself for who you are because no one is going to love you in the same way you will love yourself. When you exude confidence and you love yourself and people see it they will be drawn to you. It may take a while but take time to love yourself in whatever color you are, be your own cheerleader and compliment yourself. And keep in mind there is always someone out there that wants to be like you and yet you do not appreciate yourself. Surround yourself with positive people that are in your corner. Choose to love yourself first and the world will follow suit. Thank you much for reading be blessed and continue to be a blessing.


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I am Tineruvimbo Mudzingwa and yes!!! I know that is a mouthful for most of you. Please do join me in this journey of getting to know myself more, knowing others and above everything else knowing God. I will be sharing my personal style in terms of dressing and everything else that comes to mind. Hope you will be encouraged and motivated in all areas of life.

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