Practice makes perfect

As simple as this sounds it cannot be any more true. I am that person when I am doing something I want it to be perfect and I want to give it my all.

As you can imagine my disappointment when I do something and it’s not up to par I get really down about it. I have realized lately that the more I do something the more confident I am and the better I become.

When you do something over and over again it stops the fear and you get better at it. Fear comes in when you are not sure you are able to do something and you hesitate.

Whenever I hesitate I know its fear. The way I deal with fear when it comes to doing something is practicing it until I get it and this can be scary but it has to be done.

I love makeup and when I first started in 2015 it was horrible. My eyebrows where harsh guys my laptop is not working I would have made your tummy hurt from laughing lol. They where thin and it was not pretty at all. But I did not stop because I was not good I continued to practice and I am not there yet but I am way better. I used to practice my brows at home and with time I got it.

I would say continue to learn and take risks do not be on the same level forever. Whatever craft you are into continue to practice and I promise you will get it.

So yeah my babies I hope you loved this post and you are inspired to push harder. Thank you so much for reading till next time……



Over time I have realized that reflection is very important and without it it is hard to learn and progress in life. This brings me and you here to reflect once again.

I feel like whenever I am reflecting one thing that always comes up is how the unexpected always seems to be the norm. This year is no different last year I did not see myself where I am today however in hindsight I see why God brought me right where I am, here are the few bits and bobs that will save some of you from going thought what I went through.

◦ Me time is very important
When I was going to University I had plenty of time to myself and I got to know myself so much. Now that I took a break and I am working I hardly get time to be by myself or if I am being honest with myself I have not been putting in effort to create the time. As I recently got back to spending time by myself ideas have been coming so easily in areas where I thought I was stuck and I could not move forward. Me time is the best thing one can do for themselves.
◦ God first and everything else follows
As I am working sometimes it feels like there is hardly any time to pray. When I wake up I always feel tired like I always want to go bed lol. So in my mind I think I will pray and read my Bible later which is a bad idea. God is amazing He pursues me especially in these times when I am “busy”, He is forever after me, pursuing me which brings me to tears when I think about it. He never gives up even when I harden my heart He still pursues me. How faithful, beautiful and magnificent is He. So for me He comes first always although sometimes it takes discipline to say no I will take this time to spend with God rather than watch tv or for some of us a vlog.

◦ Whatever you do you do it for God. 1 Corinthians 10:31
At work, sometimes I feel like I am doing the most and more than other people or this person did not do this so I won’t do this. This God spoke to me so clearly that I am doing it for Him not for my boss or for anyone else. All must be for Him and He is the one that promotes and no one else [Psalm 75:6]. Think about it I would rather have God promote me than men, His promotion will obviously be better.

◦ I am not too good for any job
Let me explain before some people go crazy lol. By this I mean at work if it means emptying the trash to ensure the work environment is conducive I will do it. When I started working I used to say I do not take out the trash and this and that I mean the list was endless. With time I realized God brought me here to teach me maturity and being humble. You are not any less by doing manial jobs. At a company one must know how to do all jobs be it administration, marketing or whatever just knowing the basics will give you an advantage. One day your assistance might be needed and this will open doors of opportunities and no one will ignore you. This increases your value to the company and not one person will be able to deny it.

I have many more lesson but these are the ones that stood out the most. I am curious to know what you have learnt so far in 2018 or life in general, leave me a comment below so we can learn together. See you next time.


This seems random but there is a story behind this so do not run just yet lol.

So my sister posted a picture on her Whatsup status and it read something like ” we all cannot be queens some have to clap when we pass”. At first l thought it was hilarious like I kept laughing hours after that.

So later on as I was thinking about it I was asking my self if truly we all can’t be queens. I personally think we can all be queens and we are all queens. There are some women that do not know they are queens and as a result do not treat themselves in such a manner.

For example a Red Bottom heel does not know it’s red bottom and does not know it’s value but that does not make it less valuable. It still does not compare to a dupe of that shoes, it is still valued.

Same as a Queen who does not know who she is she is still a queen regardless it’s just a matter of time before she discovers who she is.

This then brought another thought what does a queen look like to me? In this instance it was said referring to fashion. There are people that slay everyday all day and some just pop out of nowhere and take people by surprise.

So the clapping is being able to recognize a Queen slaying whether it is your style or not. When you cannot see that someone is looking good there is a big problem which is a topic for another day. So in essence Queens recognize other queens and clap for other queens and there is no room for jealousy and all that petty stuff. Queens are grown women or young women that support and clap for one another.

So guys let’s be each other’s support system let’s not cyber bully each other or even in person that is not cute. Continue to be Queens who have each other’s back. Let me know your thoughts on this let’s start a hashtag. Send this to the Queens in your life and tag them as well.



From the title this sounds very simple but it is not everyone that gets it I mean it took me a while to figure it out. In life there are so many things that we want [this includes me as well] but we are not willing to work for them. We sit and admire those that are killing it and ask why not me.

Let’s take a look at actors for example, it seems like opportunities are just thrown at them and that is why they are succeeding. That is not the case at all they have to audition for the roles that they get, even well known actors still have to audition. All of them have faced rejection after rejection but they did not stop auditioning because they did not get a part. They went audition after audition and their big break came later some even years later.

One of my favorite actors Kerry Washington had her big break in Scandal after how long? The first times I saw her on screen was on The last king of Scotland. Her first film was Our song but the roles where not as big Scandal. In that movie she was not even the main actor but she was there and did not wait for her big role at home.

You do not wait for your big role at home that is not how it works. You wait for it in the field, you keep playing until it’s your time. The small roles or jobs you are doing now are preparing you for something much bigger and so do not take where you are for granted. You maybe very gifted even more that the people that are doing what you want to be doing but keep pushing.

Please do do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with wanting more however be aware of the timing. Be faithful with the little you have first before wanting more.

I thought of this when I saw one my favorite YouTubers Nosipho Mhlanga who won the Face of Ponds 2018 competition where thousands of beautiful women entered as well. I was so happy for her but I thought to myself for her to win she had to participate. If she did not do all the requirements then she had no chance to win. At times we miss opportunities and then start saying inga havo ( it must be nice to be them). When in actuality it’s because they put in the effort to be where they are. I Watch a lot of YouTube and read many blogs and I have so many creators that I admire. I consider some of them to be the best at what they do but they put in the work into what they do. Which is what I plan on doing from now on and pushing myself to be the best. I may not physically be having my big role but that will not stop me from pushing forward.

So yeah guys I hope leant something from this blog post and tell me you thoughts down below. Thank you for reading.



Personal style is something each one of us already has, all we need to do is to find it said Diane Von Furstenberg.

In fashion creating your own style it is precisely symbolizing your taste.
Personal style has set fashion trends for entire generations.

In the process of creating your own style one will also be creating your own regulations. A question may arise, How do one distinguish their personal style?lt is one of a tricky one but as for me it’s the easiest. You have to know your taste because it is privy. When you feel confident that defines your style,because at the end of the day we want to feel happy and comfortable in our clothes.

Never ignore your instincts and Wear what makes you feel the best sketch of you. Always consider wearing aspirational items something that is going to give you a drive.


Life Update

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I know that it has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything. This was not a planned break but it is something that I did not realize I needed. Time honestly flew by so quickly and I was facing some technical difficulties including dropping my phone in water and now my laptop is not working but I am here anyway. I am so grateful for anyone that is reading this and back for more content.

So when I was away one thing that I learnt or rather relearnt was being able to stay authentic and staying true to myself in this whole blogging business. I admit that for a while I got carried away with wanting my numbers to grow and in the process I lost that authenticity for a bit. In this break I started to rediscover myself and what I am passionate about. I learned that being myself will attract people that will be able to relate to my content and also be helped in the process. Being authentic is the best thing I can do for myself and also for everyone who reads my blog.

Another lesson was to stop making excuses for myself. Whether my phone is not working and all my pictures were in there or my laptop not working is not an excuse. I began asking myself how bad I really want to help people through my blog and have it reach many people? How bad do I want to follow my purpose and my career? How bad I want something will determine what actions I take to ensure I get things done.

So this is me coming back and pursuing what I love. This is me not having any room for excuses but simply doing what has to be done. In this spirit, I do want to update you on what will be happening on this platform, I will be posting at least once a week and more so on my social media pages which I will leave below. In the next two Fridays I will be having a guest blogger so that you guys get to see other content than just me. I will be having better quality content for you and I hope you not only enjoy but learn something in the process.

Once again I would like to thank all of you for dropping by and taking the time to read. Kisses…


Laser Focussed

 Like every other year this year has come with its challenges, nonetheless I am now quick to act rather than drown in my sorrows. Right now, we are in May and time has flown by so fast which can be pretty scary. The years I have lived I have noticed that in life either you have just overcome a challenge, in a challenge or about to enter a challenge. As intimidating or scary as it is that is just the way life works but then again challenges make you stronger and they will build you. I will admit I am not a fan and dare I say I hate challenges but I know they will build me. So, let’s get into the lesson…

 I have learnt to be focused, I mean laser focused, and this is not to say that I have fully mastered the art, as I call it, of being focused. There are so many distractions all around me and sometimes I lose focus. I have seen the importance of maintaining my gaze on Christ, my purpose and those that I love. 37BA6AA8-32BB-4F77-A1C6-EEDBA1130B03

It is very easy to get distracted especially with a lot of people always posting on social media you tend to lose focus easily. Sometimes I do not even realize that I have lost focus but when I do I always make it a point to zone out and get back into being focused.

I am writing this post on the second of May and today was one of those days where I did lose focus and I was upset, confused, baffled and did I mention confused? Lol. Things are happening that I may not understand but I choose not to lose focus. That’s a resolution I will be sticking to.

I like to dig deep when I am writing posts like this so I went ahead and looked for other words that mean focus. Three that stood out to me are single-mindedness, concentration, and attention. I love the word single-mindedness, it means to be steadfast, be resolute, driven, tenacious, unswerving, unwavering and some even say obsessed. 4B8CA0D5-D16E-4962-8A92-57AC2BF20173

When I think of the word unswerving I think of a car driving in the rain where the road is slippery and the tires cannot get a grip on the road. Life is like that same road with so many challenges thrown at us including what we see on social media be it work, school, family, friends, or anything that can distract us. Do not for a second think that you have it worse than everyone else we are all going through tough times.

Do not feel sorry for yourself, everyone has challenges but what will set you apart is being able to focus. Do not lose sight of the big picture whatever that maybe for you. Keep your gaze on what is important and look to God every time, every day and always

For me all this means not changing my mind because of how I feel or the circumstances around me. My intention for this year and the rest of my life I want to be tenacious especially with my career, purpose, and relationships. I want to continue to build and not lose sight of what is important or rather come back quickly and start to focus. In other words, I want to stay in my lane rather than waver and go back and forth on things I cannot change. So here is to focus and keeping my eyes on Christ and what is important to me in this life.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post my hope is that you can relate and that you have learnt something. Please leave me a comment on what you have learnt so that we learn and grow together. Remember you are blessed and continue to be blessing. Kisses…