Laser Focussed

 Like every other year this year has come with its challenges, nonetheless I am now quick to act rather than drown in my sorrows. Right now, we are in May and time has flown by so fast which can be pretty scary. The years I have lived I have noticed that in life either you... Continue Reading →


New Series Alert

Image: Hope House Press I am starting a new series titled resolution and it will be tacking different issues, these will be things that I have implemented and I have made up my mind to do. With the start of a new year comes resolutions and most people will make plans to change certain... Continue Reading →

Hello 2018!

Hello and welcome to 2018 I am so excited and ready to go. 2017 flew by so quickly, I remember writing a post at the beginning of the year last year and it's already over! This year is going to be amazing. I have a lot of plans and I cannot wait for what’s coming.... Continue Reading →

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