The company that you keep determines your thoughts and where you are headed in life. I have several friends with different behaviors and personalities. I spend some of time catching up and talking with them, I realized after spending time with some people my thought pattern shifts from the way I normally think. I came to this realization some days ago when I spent time with some friends and the topics we were talking about where not helpful in anyway. It was only after that I began asked myself what I benefited from this conversation and I benefited nothing. Some conversations poison your mind. One of the resolutions I made for myself this year was to guard my heart and my mind, I might not have control over what people say but I can always walk away or not participate at all. I used to think it was only what you watch and hear but the people you spend most of your time have an impact on what you think about.
Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he
Proverbs 4:24
Keep your heart with all vigilance, for it determines the course of your life.

1 Corinthians 15:33

Don’t be fooled by those who say such things, for “bad company corrupts good character.
When the people around you are negative it will not take you long for you to be negative. I have been friends with people who are always bringing me down and I was not the most confident person. I was so aware of my flaws and I was so hard on myself, not in a good way but I pushed myself so hard. I never felt like I was enough, I did not like how I looked, how I spoke, I did not like myself. At that time, I did not realize it was because if my surroundings.


You become what you think and it does not seem that way but your life shifts in the way that you think. In times when I am not guarding or conscious about what I let in I am surprised by how my mind is quick to wonder. The mind is so powerful and if you are not careful instead of you controlling it, it will start controlling you. You are the caretaker of your body and that includes the mind. Your mind must comply to you, it cannot be any other way around.

Daily, I try and make it a point to command my mind to get inline. One thing I do is when I find my mind drifting, I bring it back again and again. When you win a battle in the mind you have one it the physical already. Thank you so much for reading. Please leave me comment on what you do when your mind is wondering. Have an amazing weekend and be blessed.







When I came across this long sleeveless coat or blazer whatever you may want to call it my eyes lit up. I knew I had to have and I decided to treat myself as a birthday gift. I am sure a lot of you have seen pieces like this going around and to me they are a basic clothing item one needs. This coat is good for layering especially as we are in winter. This past weekend I wore it with a long sleeved knit sweater with back jeans and boots, it looked amazing and so warm.

Coat is from the brand New Feeling

Vest and pants from Mr Price

Shoes are from Jet.

Bracelet was a gift.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you are inspired to create your own version of this look. I apologize for the late upload I was having technical difficulties in the all morning. Have an amazing week.



Last week I talked about being content and brace yourselves this will be something I will be talking about. So, I have decided to start a contentment series as I feel like this a very important. I have made up my mind to be content and make it my daily mission to be content with where I am, what I have and who I am.

As I am sitting thinking of this God reminded me of an eagle, I am sure most of you know a lot of great facts but today we are focusing on vision. It is said that the eagles’ vision is about four to eight times more than that of human beings. It can spot an object over three kilometers away, when it sees its target as it flies down to its prey the muscles of the eyes continue to adjust the curvature and it maintains its focus accurately until it attacks. I know someone may be asking what this has to do with contentment but this is the basis of being content.

I have been thinking and doing my reading on being content and one thing that keeps coming up is focusing on what’s important. We all have things that we want to accomplish or things that are important to us. Whether be it a goal or your purpose. We have all heard of the saying that goes stay in your lane, this is so key and true. As I have been trying to live a life of contentment one of the things that has helped me or something that I am using to help me is focusing on my life. I am making it a point not to compare my life with anyone else. This is not easy but when I see myself wanting what other people have I have to tell myself that I have to be content with what I have, who I am and where I am.

I was watching this video on the women of purpose YouTube channel and they gave the perfect example of discontentment. When you go out to eat and you all order different meals when the food comes there tends to be someone who will reach out to taste someone else’s meal. This seems like a natural thing to do but when you think about it it’s not right. We always want what other people have, whether what is on our plate is great or even better. It is human nature to do that but remember we are a new creation.



1 Timothy 5:17
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun.

I am sure you have noticed that even after being saved it’s not easy to shake off sin or little tendencies but it takes time and even after that you slip up. I have found out that continually speaking things repeatedly and acting as well brings about the needed change. When you find, yourself peeping into someone else’s life remind yourself the importance of being content and not only that but tell yourself that you are content. If for some reason, you are still not content get to the root of why you feel this way and from there work on being content. You have to put in the effort and make a conscious effort to be content, this will not go away by wishing or wanting it to go away it takes effort. I have realized that this is something that goes away once but something that I have to do daily and make a conscious effort to be content.

I am not there yet but this is a daily walk for me as well. One of my major goals for life is to be content in every season of my life I think to myself that if I am not content and God blessed me with all I could ever want in life I will still not be satisfied. So, to me it is of great importance that I be satisfied now. Whenever I drift away I have to tell myself to focus and stay on my lane. Like an eagle, I want to focus on what’s important, focus on what matter and let everything else be in the background.

Feel free to leave me a comment on your thoughts or suggestions on what you have implemented to be content. Thank you all for reading and for your love and support.



This by far is one of my favorite looks, like the title of this blog says its simply elegant. I would say this look is suitable for a night out or a daytime event. I love the cut out detail and the shear material on top. Like I mentioned in my previous post I am trying out new things and I am loving this journey.




Jumpsuit – Thrift market

Shoes – Jet

Bracelet – was a gift



thank you so much for reading, please leave me a comment of what you think in the comments section. Have an amazing week and be blessed.


I recently discovered that I tend to focus on my next chapter rather than enjoying where I am. I look back at some past seasons that I thought were bad but now when I look back it was not that bad at all. Every season in one’s life is there to teach you and prepare you for another season, it may not be the next season but it is surely preparing you.

This is a topic I have been thinking about for a while and I knew I was missing something but I did not know what it was. I look back at the four months of 2017 and I really do not have any memories or remember where the time went. I know we say time flies but I honestly do not know how I got here. I realized I do not focus on the season I am in but I tend to focus on the next season and time slips through my fingers. I am currently reading this book and I found the missing aspect I could not put my finger on; discontent. My focus is not on where I am now but where I hope to be. I am not satisfied at all and this something that was hard for me to swallow but it is the truth.


1 Timothy 6:8 AMP
[And it is, indeed, a source of immense profit, for] godliness accompanied with contentment (that contentment which is a sense of inward sufficiency) is great and abundant gain.

I want to be satisfied inwardly like what the word is saying. As I think of this I cannot help but think that even if God was to give me everything I am praying for right now I will still not be content. Because there is no inward contentment it is hard to be content with anything else that one desires.

I am living through the seasons but I am not living (if that makes sense). I am living but I am not present, time just passes me by but I have no memories or things I did that I can look back on. Discontentment causes you to miss years of your life, like me I am looking back at my life and I could have been more intentional about my life and the choices that I make. I forget how to enjoy my life, how to enjoy the season I am in right now. The season may not be the rosiest of them all but there are so many things to appreciate and be grateful for. I am not living in the moment and I am not focusing on what is important in life.

Enough about what I am not doing here is what I have set my mind to do. I mentioned in a previous post I want to be intentional. I want to live in the moment and make sure that I enjoy where I am. I want to look at the things I am grateful for and not focus so much on the negative. I want to appreciate where I am, who I am and the people around me. I want to choose to be joyful, to live in the moment, to celebrate life, to be grateful and thankful for the season I am in.


My prayer
Lord help me to be content with where I am
Help me appreciate the season that you have placed me in and where you are taking me. May you help me to live in the moment and be present. May you help me to be joyful and be happy with the life you have given me. May I be content with having you in my life and not focus on the physical aspect of life. Lord you are all I would ever ask for and I know through you I have everything I desire to have. Amen

I hope this really helped someone and if you are through the same thing please comment below and let’s have a conversation about this topic below. Have an amazing week.

Be content and choose to be joyful




If someone had told me a few years or even months later that I would be wearing pink I would have laughed my face off. I was always into neutral colors, colors like black, grey and white. Right now I am at a point where I am experimenting with my style and trying different colors. I am feeling really colorful these days. 20170429_110515


If you have been following me for a while you will have noticed that I really like these bandage dresses. They are so comfortable and stretchy and love love the fitting. you can either dress it up with heels or where pumps or tennis shoes. I love heels so this is the look i went for.  20170429_10584420170429_105118

Dress is from Mr Price

Shoes from Jet

The jewelry and bracelet were gifts.



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It is very important to learn to be alone and not be constantly surrounded by people. At times you just need that time alone and get to know yourself better. I for one used to constantly be surrounded by people and when I was alone I was always preoccupied with something. You will never learn to be independent with people around you all the time.

Being surrounded by people does not make you complete, one must be and feel complete without people. It is OK to have people around you but the problem comes when your very essence is based on the people around you and what they think about you.
Life still continues even if people desert you and it may be painful but that is simply the truth.

Designate certain things that you do alone [if you are not used to being alone take one step at a time]. On the other hand, I am not saying be a loner you always need the help of others. Some people even require someone to even go with them to the bathroom which seems really funny if you think about it. The people you are always with will not always be available and this can be frustrating but if you are used to being alone it will not be a problem. One might actually take it personal that the person is not around and to be honest they are entitled to do as they please.

When I started making time for myself that is when I started know myself better. I began to notice what I did not like and what I really loved about myself. It was in this period of time that I began to love my flaws and love me for who I am. I began to decode the negative things people would say about me and really get to the bottom of what people would say . In this season I looked back at the conversations I had had with people that had stuck with me. I started to seek who I was in the Lord and who He had made me to be. After doing this I did not need people to validate my actions.

I have made it my mission to set time aside for me constantly, to get in tune with my emotions. I am still discovering things about myself and working on my flaws to be better by the day.  You will not know yourself all at once it takes time and effort, you have to make a conscious effort. This journey is for life it is not a once in a lifetime thing, it is a daily walk.

I pray that we continue to learn to differentiate when we need to be alone and when we need people around, there has to be a balance. It all depends with the season one is in as well, at times you need people around you and at times you need that time alone. I hope this helped you, please do not forget to leave a comment on your thoughts. Have an amazing weekend.



Hello everybody, I hope you are having an amazing and productive week. This week I decided to put up two fashion posts just to inspire someone. I will still be putting up an inspiration one tomorrow, so in total  three posts this week. I cannot believe it myself but its happening.



I would refer to this look as basic, I did not need to do much and yet it still looks like I put so much effort.  With this satin top you can either dress it up or down, if you are going to work you can pair it up with a pencil skirt or formal pants and you are good to go.

The top is from a thrift market and it was so so affordable but you can find it in any store. The material is so comfortable and not heavy which is always good. I would say satin is a good transitioning piece from summer to winter as the weather changes out of no where during the day. You can either put the sleeves down and wear it as long sleeved but I prefer them rolled up like this. The jeans are from Mr Price and the shoes from Jet.


Like always thank you so much for reading this post, do not forget to leave me a comment on what you think of this look or suggestions of future posts. Have an amazing day.






This week we are going back to the basics, what everyone needs in their closet. Basics are my life, I wear them all the time.  The thing with basics is that you can either dress them up or down. 20170414_12325520170414_123344

Everyone needs a plane white t-shirt, I have several. This one is from Cotton on and it is very comfortable. It has little grey dots which I think is pretty unique. My jeans are from Mr Price, these stretch which is pretty amazing and comfortable of course. My tennis shoes are also from Mr Price, these have become my signature and I love them so much.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you are inspired by this look. Please do not forget to leave me comment on what you think or suggestions of future topics or looks. Have an amazing week.